The venue for the All-State Jazz Championships is located within St Leonard’s College, Brighton East.

Completed in July 2020, the Leonardian Centre is a world-class auditorium seating 600 which has been carefully designed to accommodate multiple performance types with flexible acoustic technology. The auditorium has the traditional shoebox shape that acoustic experts worldwide agree is the most successful model, with the 3D patterns on the walls optimising the acoustics.

Complemented by a half fly tower, housing professional rigging systems

for curtains, lights and scenery, along with an acoustic control room and orchestra pit, the Leonardian Centre offers the ideal performance space for the Victorian All-State Jazz Championships.

The Leonardian Centre features an outdoor stage with a digital screen overlooking the central agora, facilitating both formal and informal performances across the event and the capacity to livestream performances from the internal auditorium stage.